IV bar,
physical and mental rejuvenation.

IV bar:
physical and mental rejuvenation.

It's time to visit our IV bar to refuel on vitamins and minerals.

The high quality of our premium services is guaranteed by the nearly 20 years of professional history of Fájdalom Ambulancia. Infusiobar is an exclusive package of services within the Fájdalom Ambulancia product portfolio where you receive a completely new, unusual treatment. The only thing you will need is to pay attention to yourself and relax while we prepare your body to achieve a state of optimal balance. For your physical and mental rejuvenation, we offer a refined, private and luxurious environment where our hydromassage beds will make your complete relaxation unforgettable.

Intravenous vitamin and fluid supplementation.

Our infusion treatments will provide for your body’s needs efficiently and quickly. Once you experience it, you will understand!

Everyone can get to a point where they feel they can’t function optimally. This may be due to stress, lack of sleep and proper rest, overwork, or nutritional deficiencies to name a few.

To feel vigoros and healthy with enough energy for the ordeals and challenges of everyday life, it is essential for the body to have the right trace elements, vitamins and minerals, besides proper hydration. Sometimes however, we are uncertain of what vitamins we actually need, and we have questions about whether the vitamins we collect are properly utilized in our bodies.

There are times when it is important for a particular vitamin or mineral to reach a sufficiently high concentration in the blood. For specific therapeutic purposes, adequate results may only be obtained with intravenous administration.

Intravenous infusion treatments provide a vastly different approach from traditional modes of administration for vitamins, trace elements and minerals. The main advantage of infusion therapy is that 100% of the ingested trace elements and minerals enter the circulation to be utilized.

Preparations taken orally do not act immediately since they pass through the liver after a slow and prolonged absorption, reducing their utilization further. Orally taken preparations may also contain artificial additives. Another significant fact about oral vitamins is that they burden the digestive system, and their absorption depends on the specific vital state of the body. Vitamins taken at the same time can also affect each other negatively. These problems can be avoided if a personalized vitamin pack enters the bloodstream directly under medical supervision. With pure active ingredients, real utilization takes place while the duration of action is reduced with even immediate results.

With a mixture and dose of active ingredients compiled by our specialists, infusion therapy provides a unique set of tools to support the treatment of many health problems, unwanted conditions and the achievement of special goals. The duration of a treatment is 45-60 minutes during which the selected vitamin cocktail enters the body through the bloodstream. While receiving the infusion, you can enjoy your self-time in our comfortable hydromassage beds, and feel reborn as a relaxed, vitalized and healthier person. Check in to our infusion bar now!

It is for you if …

  • … you are an athlete and maximum performance is the goal.
  • … you strive for a sustainable physical and mental optimum in your daily life.
  • … you would like to regenerate while replenishing your vitamin stores.
  • … you would like to just relax while providing your body with the necessary supply of vitamins and minerals.

We can also offer solutions to targeted problems, be it migraines or other types of pain that have plagued our patients for a long time.

If you would like to try it, please register for your first specialist examination. We are waiting for you at our infusion bar!

Our goal is to provide a customized infusion treatment package that is best suited to you. That is why the first treatment must be preceded by a custom blood test, an online health assessment and a specialist consultation, where we assess your health, determine the optimal infusion cocktails, and rule out unwanted side effects.
It usually takes 2-3 working days from registration/blood test to consultation (and your 1st IV treatment)


  1. Registering for blood test and consultation:
  2. Online health questionnaire
  3. Personal consultation
  4. Issuing an infusion passport

Steps to take prior to infusion therapy:




Blood Collection + Online Health Check

Blood test:
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Online health questionnaire:
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Consultation (after blood test only!)

Infusion passport

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