Intravenous vitamin and fluid supplementation.

Intravenous vitamin and fluid supplementation.

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Since absorbtion of orally taken vitamins, minerals and other food ingredients may be difficult, infusion therapy makes sure that active ingredients and essential elements actually enter the bloodstream regardless of digestive difficulties.

Absorption of consumed nutrients may and will be affected by many individual and general physiological characteristics:

  • The health and current condition of the intestinal system including the involvement of the intestinal mucosa and its reduced absorption surface.
  • Dysbiosis, i.e., the status of compromised intestinal flora.
  • The presence of antinutritive food ingredients that are part of our daily diet and impair the absorption of critical, essential nutrients.
  • Many drugs and alcohol in general can also impair the absorption of certain essential elements.
  • Individual nutrients can inhibit each other’s transport (e.g., calcium and magnesium, copper and zinc, vitamin C and copper) and increase each other’s digestive breakdown (e.g., vitamin C and vitamin B12).
  • Other individual difficulties, food intolerances, allergies, malabsorption.

It is therefore important to keep in mind the limitations of oral vitamin intake and to consider infusion vitamin supplementation.

Based on your current condition and goals, the amount of active ingredients can be personalized and structured into a set of treatments, each of which is continuosly adjusted to your ongoing results.

Your treatment (or series of treatments) will be designed by our experts based on your assessment of condition together with additional treatment plans. Your problems can be solved and objectives met in a completely personalized way, based on your current health condition, possible individual difficulties, lifestyle characteristics, priorities and goals. All this can be achieved with the highest possible precision and predictability using infusion therapy.

During our infusion treatments, we guarantee the intake of active ingredients manufactured and controlled in accordance with the highest quality standards and quality assurance procedures.

Unlike dietary supplements available in specialist shops, drugstores, the Internet and hypermarkets, infusion therapy formulas may only be applied using active substances and preparations manufactured and controlled according to pharmaceutical standards. This allows us to provide the safest, highest quality and most effective treatment for our patients.

Intravenous administration produces an immediate and predictable effect which is particularly useful when a rapid, instant effect is desired and/or the active ingredient is absorbed inefficiently, has a highly tissue irritating nature, or is rapidly metabolized upon oral administration.

Infusion therapy guarantees precise, predictable, fast, and even immediate results.

There is no absorption, distribution or other loss, and a long cumulative period is not required to achieve an effective blood concentration level. The amount and time of absorption is not affected by the current state of the digestive system and individual difficulties, nor by the low quality of the formula, its insufficient concentration, or its active ingredient content.

Reaching targeted, direct, rapid or even immediate therapeutic effects may require high plasma levels that cannot be achieved by oral intake. Infusion therapy however can increase active substance levels entering the bloodstream up to several times in comparison providing immunological or metabolic effects impossible with other applications.

Increasing the consumed dose of vitamin C 12 times (from 200 to 2,500 mg) increases the level of circulating vitamin C in the blood by only 25% (from 1.2 mg/dL to 1.5 mg/dL) due to the saturation of transport systems responsible for absorbtion in the digestive tract, and also the rapid renal excretion of vitamin C. Even at an extreme dose (and physiological status), the highest recorded vitamin C level was 9.3 mg/dL. In comparison, intravenous administration can increase the level of circulating vitamin C in the blood almost tenfold.

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