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Our exclusive service is part of the portfolio at Fájdalom Ambulancia. We pack everything for your beauty and health in an infusion cocktail specifically made for you!

About us

About us

The high quality of our premium services is guaranteed by the nearly 20 years track record of Fájdalom Ambulancia. Infúzióbár is an exclusive package of services within the Fájdalom Ambulancia product portfolio where you receive a completely new, unusual treatment. The only thing you will need is to pay attention to yourself and relax while we prepare your body to achieve a state of optimal balance. For your physical and mental rejuvenation, we offer a refined, private and luxurious environment where our hydromassage beds will make your complete relaxation unforgettable.

Unique hydromassage treatment beds

Optimal biological

Personalized treatments

Pharmaceutical quality

Infusion cocktails

What does your body crave for? Immune boosting? Increased performance? A little extra energy for the week? Choose your favorite infusion cocktail and book an appointment today!


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